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Birth plan

March 9, 2013

Writing a birth plan

Language is really important when thinking about a birth plan. The word 'plan' itself is perhaps inappropriate, as we know, birth isn't something we can plan. However, its absolutely something we can prepare for, and its very important to let someone, who is coming into your space, know whats important to you. Try and think of it as a wish list, priorities, aims.

Try to use gentle positive language and avoid confrontation. Imagine how you would receive your birth plan if you were a busy midwife or consultant, seeing many women and reading many birth plans.

Try brainstorming.

What do you visualise? What's important to you? Your environment, the way people behave or speak? Think of ways of presenting yourself, other than a list of dos and donts!

Here is a very simple template for a birth plan. It's great because its very simple.

Place – Birth Centre or Homebirth

Labour Partners

my husband

my Doula

As this is my first labour, I do not want students present, please.

For any questions throughout labour please don’t ask me but my doula or my husband.

Monitoring Baby and me

If there’s a real need for a vaginal exam, please don’t share with me the details of how dilated I am and the baby’s position.

Whenever you need to listen to baby’s heartbeat, please do so without asking permission, so I do not need to think to give you an answer!.

Please don’t offer me pain relief (even Gas&Air). If I need some I’ll ask for it myself.

2nd & 3rd stages of Labour

Immediately after birth I’d like one hour skin-to-skin with my baby.

Please do not clamp/cut the cord until 1 hour after the birth of my baby.

I would like physiological third stage, as long as labour progresses normally.

After Birth

Vitamin K? ( you decide) Three choices: Injected, oral or No Vitamin K for my baby

Some info that may help with c-section birth plan-


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